MouseWait is the Best Way to Get Your Business In Front of Disney Fans...PERIOD

10 Reasons why MouseWait is the best way to reach Disney fans:

MouseWait is the most popular and critically acclaimed Disneyland iPhone/iPad/Android app in the history of mobile applications.

The Huffington Post acknowledged MouseWait as one of the three

"Disneyland Musts You Shouldn't Be Without"

OCWeekly named MouseWait as one of the OC's best apps,

"Whether you're a Disneyland Annual Passport Holder or a casual Disneyland visitor, this is a must for everyone."

Macworld loves MouseWait,

"If you have plans to visit the Disneyland Resort in the future, or are an Annual Passholder, this app is an absolute must."

  • 1. MouseWait is the #1 Disneyland App of ALL TIME.
  • 2. In a recent poll by an OC Blogger, 15 out of 17 people use MouseWait as their primary Disneyland app.
  • 3. MASSIVE MOBILE REACH. Over 2 million downloads, 1500 new users per day, 100,000 registered users, and over 600,000 people have downloaded updates in the last 90 days.
  • 4. Largest mobile Disneyland discussion in the world. Disney fans use MouseWait instead of Facebook to make new friends and to stay in contact with their existing friends.
  • 5. Get your business on the device your customer uses the most -- their phone.
  • 6. MouseWait's loyal following is like having a social media army behind your business.
  • 7. SOCIAL MEDIA POWERHOUSE: 68,000 followers on Twitter (#1 third-party Disneyland Twitter account), 50,000 person email list, 10,000 on Facebook. Over 450,000 people per month visit our web properties.
  • 8. Reach Disneyland authority figures: Core MouseWait users are information hubs for their friends who are planning a Disneyland trip. Everything from where to stay, eat, tips, suggestions, what phone carrier is the best, etc. They are also social media savvy.
  • 9. WEB REACH: Our web version has over 500,000 pages of original content that attracts daily visitors from search engines. This makes MouseWait available to anyone with a PC or Mac -- in addition to most mobile devices including iPads and other tablets.
  • 10. Unlimited Growth Potential: With over 1 billion active Apple and Android devices, we have room for tremendous growth.

MouseWait is the #1 source for real-time Disneyland News and viral content. This will give your business a natural viral lift.

WITH ALMOST 1 BILLION Apple and Android devices on the market today, targeted niche mobile advertising is the best way to GET AHEAD OF YOUR COMPETITION.

The Plan:

  • At the Platinum Level, we advertise your business as the "Official [category] of MouseWait".
  • Visibility on our Dashboard that gets over 30,000 opens per day in the iPhone App alone. You also get visibility on our Android and Windows Phone Dashboard. 
  • Full integration into our massive community, personal endorsements, regular mentions, reviews, tips, videos, images. 
  • Your business becomes part of the family. 
  • We can do Groupon style ads to inspire action, or location based ads
  • Regular mentions to our 68,000 Twitter followers. 
  • Weekly email mentions to our 50,000 person email list.
  • Visibility on the web version of our app (our MagicFeed
  • Sponsored stories like this one
  • Facebook mentions (each post reaches approximately 5000 people)
  • Mentions inside of our iTunes and Google Play listings (we are #1 for Disneyland in both stores). 
  • Placement in our Disneyland Trivia Facebook Game
  • Visibility in our App network through MagicRace, Lakers app, and our much anticipated Trivia apps that are coming soon. 
  • Placement inside of our Disneyland books on Amazon (we have several bestselling books in the Disneyland category). 
  • MouseWait is the #1 source for Disneyland News. We integrate your business into viral stories viewed by 450,000 people per month. 
  • We have Disney Media Credentials, and we are the go-to source for Disneyland News due to our massive amount of daily content and exclusive coverage. 


100,000 registered users -- a loyal Disneyland following that supports those who help MouseWait.

We serve over 1 million impressions per month to our partner's mobile banner ads.

TOP 100 Travel App since 2009 (we outrank major Fortune 500 companies).

68,000 Twitter followers.

50,000 weekly email list.

Over 2 million downloads.

450,000 unique visitors per month.

36 million ad impressions per month.

Frequently cited by TMZ, EOnline, Orange County Register, and other large news organizations.  

Our web version ranks naturally in Google. We have over 500,000 pages of original content. This gives us a massive presence in the search engines. 

#1 Source for real-time Disneyland News.

Get visibility throughout our entire network of apps on iPhone, Android, Kindle, Facebook, Windows Phone, PC, and Mac. 

66% Female 34% Male Audience 25-44.

Large Disneyland Annual Passholder following.

Full integration into our massive community, personal endorsements, real reviews, video advertising, and more. 

Visibility on our new Disneyland MagicFeed -- the place where Disneyland fans go to see EVERYTHING that's happening at the Resort -- real-time.

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