Get Your Business an iPhone App

There are a lot of iPhone developers out there today but there are very few who have developed top 50 major category apps that have dominated entire categories for almost 2 years. There is a major difference between someone who has a lot of mediocre apps in the store, and a developer who knows how to create apps that succeed. There are over 200 million Apple devices on the market today which gives you a HUGE audience once you are in the app store.

Get Your Business in the Android Market

The Android Market is booming and this gives you a chance for more exposure in a Market that is growing at light speed. With over 100 million devices you can target, this is an opportunity you don't want to miss out on.  We know how to build a successful Android app and get to the top of a category. 

Professional Website Design

Get a cutting edge design that is built to last for your business. We can build you a Fortune 500 looking site that has custom professional design. We can build simple $500 sites all the way up to web applications with custom features and functions.

Mobile Site Design

Smartphone use is skyrocketing and you need a mobile version of your site. We will design a version that willl work well on most smartphones, giving you even more visibility to the customer who is searching for things on their phone.

Search Engine Marketing and Placement Experts

We have been doing this since 1998 and we know how to rank sites naturally and keep them ranked. We combine smart keyword research (no one can compete with us on this) and white hat techniques to get your site to the first page for the term that will actually benefit your business. 

Facebook Page Creation and Marketing

We know how to create Facebook Pages that have an impact with your followers. We also know how to get people to follow your page. If your business does not have a Facebook page, you need to get one right away, and we can help make it look professional so you stand out from your competition. 

Facebook Application Creation

This is a booming business and yet another way for you to get in front of 500 million Facebook users. We can create a custom app for your business and show you how to spread it virally throughout Facebook.

Twitter Marketing

A Twitter presence is a must. You need to have a large, focused following that you can easily cross promote with your Facebook Page. We have over 28,000 followers to our MouseWait Twitter page so we know how to get this done right. 

SMS Text Message Marketing and Email Marketing

We will show you how to build your list and what tools to use to send emails to your customers. This is a must, but you have to do it right or you will make your list mad. We can also show you how to jump on the next big trend of SMS text marketing. We already have everything you need to start sending specials to your customers via text messages, this is something that your competition is probably missing right now. 
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